Globeville 2013 • Denver, CO • September 27 & 28

Sidewinder Tavern + Crash 45 • 45th & Logan St.
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You're looking at the official website for Goldrush Music Festival. 2013 marks the autumnal event's third edition to be held in Denver, Colorado. It's a show designed to highlight the typically overlooked in experimental music, featuring performing artists from near and far. These are musicians and visual artists who are pushing the envelope, obliterating traditional notions of genre, style, instrumentation, notation, and convention, peering back from what seems like miles into the unforeseeable future of pop/experimental/ambient/drone… in a word, Music. But Goldrush is so much more than just a bunch of weirdos playing weird music. It is that, of course, but it is important to note that these are special, specific sorts of weirdos, chosen to share their art with our audience for special, specific sorts of reasons. And they are brought to you by a group of special, specific sorts of people: A community that supports them. A community of visual artists, businesses, record labels, writers... Goldrush is brought to you this year by over 40 sponsors that range from bicycle shops to book stores, cassette tape record labels, to cassette tape makers. Goldrush is supported by what it supports: Hard working artisans, patrons of the community; Good people with visions, doing great things for their peers.

We're so proud to bring you this diverse and unique lineup, featuring many artists performing in Denver for the first time ever right alongside Colorado's DIY elite. We encourage all to dig into our program as deeply as possible leading up to the event — visit these artists and businesses on the web, in their stores, on their tapes, in their writing — and let them share their creative output with you before, during, and after Goldrush Music Festival.

Be sure to check back for features on our performing artists, announcements, surprises... and most definitely be sure to buy a ticket in advance and join us this September in Globeville.